Monday, January 3, 2011

When the Day Starts Wrong

Today was one of those days. You know what I mean. It was one of those days when everything started out wrong. It started as soon as I went to flush the toilet this morning. The toilet didn't seem to work. I tried the water in the bathroom sink. Nothing! It was cold enough this morning that the water froze!

Usually I set up the coffee pot the night before but last night I didn't so I had to look through the refrigerator and find the bottled water that I had there so that I could set up the coffee pot for my first cup of coffee. I set up the coffee pot and went and turned on the computer. At least the computer was working.

After a couple of minutes I went to see how the coffee was coming. I really wanted a cup. Unfortunately, the coffee wasn't dripping. I made sure that it was on and it was. After further examination I realized that the heating element on the coffee maker was shot. Fortunately I had another coffee maker. Unfortunately the coffee maker needed cleaning and with the water frozen, how was I going to clean the thing?

I still had a little bit of bottled water left so I used it and as best as I could I cleaned that coffee pot. I then poured the water from the first coffee maker into the second and transferred the coffee filter and its coffee. I turned it on. To my relief the coffee dripped into the coffee pot. I was back in business.

My day got back on track when I started doing my yoga and meditation. I got recentered and since I couldn't do laundry or wash dishes. (Both need water of course.) I decided to clean the cupboards and discover what all I have in them and what I need to replenish now that the holidays are over.

The water came back on shortly before I finished the food cupboard. I think I will continue to clean cupboards and the freezer this week. I know I've got some blackberry juice in the freezer that I juiced to make blackberry jelly. I think I'll be making jelly this week too. Sometimes the work and the heat from summer make it impossible for me to do my canning at that time. It is so much easier to put the food into the freezer and then do the canning during the winter.

For a day that started out on a negative note, it actually has already been quite productive anyway. I think I'll go now and clean another cupboard.


  1. Coffee is the essential ingredient to start off the morning centered. Glad your water came on eventually. Ours goes out on a regular basis, but the lights have been staying on, thank goodness.

  2. We're getting ready for a probable electric outage due to an ice storm during the next two days. Last time we were without electricity for 10 days! I'm so glad that we know how to live without it for a few days when necessary but I am always glad when it comes back on.