Monday, January 31, 2011

Getting ready for a probable ice storm

During the past couple of days I've been getting ready for a probable ice storm. we live 15 miles from the nearest town and during our last sizable ice storm we were without power in our remote location for about ten days.

As I learned during the last ice storm the biggest problems for us wasn't the heating or the cooking it was the fact that the freezer thawed and we had a limited water supply. After four days we had to walk down to the neighbors to get jugs of drinking water.

This time around I am using what I learned from the last ice storm. I started earlier. I got the laundry caught up and am working extra hard to get other things done around the house. Also I finished my course assignments for the college courses for the week I am taking on line and also notified my professors that I may have a problem because of the ice storm. I'm prepared to fill the bathtub with water later tonight so that we'll have water to flush the toilet and do dishes. I'm also filling recycled, washed out milk jugs of water for drinking water. (I think we have the best well water in the country!)

After supper this evening (which will in part be the fresh vegetables that we still have in the refrigerator) I'll be cleaning the refrigerator and deciding what I might be able to do with the more perishable foods I have in there tomorrow. I'm also going to be taking all the food from the refrigerator freezer and putting it in the deep freeze and taking milk jugs with water frozen in them to place in the refrigerator to help keep the contents cold. If there isn't electricity for more than a day or so, I will put the food from the refrigerator and put them in a small enclosed unheated building. This way I can use the cold weather to help keep the food kept in the refrigerator from perishing.

While the electricity is out I will not be sitting idle. I have some things that I plan to get done during that time. Some of which include articles and blog posts that I want to put online.

In addition I will be playing board games with my daughter and probably my husband and brother. I doubt we'll be staying awake much after dark, it's hard to see much by kerosene lamp anyway.

I'm looking forward to seeing the storm past and life getting back to normal.

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