Thursday, February 7, 2013

Determined Simply Living

I have been thinking a lot lately about where I am going to go from here in a lot of areas in my life. My husband, daughter, and I currently live here in Springfield, Missouri, and live a simple life in a townhouse that we rent. My husband is back to truck driving and I am working on my bachelors of Arts online. I found out today that as long as I don't take any breaks from my school schedule, I will be completing my degree July 30, 2014!

I am almost ready to start a new job, but I also want to continue writing even though, it is likely that my job and my education will be taking most of my time over the next year and a half. I need the job now because I am going to need to pay off the student loan debt that I collected. I would like to be able to say that I am debt free as soon as I graduate. I would also like to have a new small truck.

I want to continue down the road to a simple life. I want to begin again by living healthier as well as more simply. I believe that I can live better while still living less expensively. It just takes a plan and sticking to that plan.

A stress free life is a simpler life. No more worries about money. No more time stealers or procrastination. I am turning over a new leaf. Every day I will turn over a new leaf if I have to. I will use my time, my money and my talents fully each day. I will work hard, and I will take time to enjoy the simple things of life. Today is a new day. Today I am simply living.