Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Being Sure to Drink enough water

      One of the things that I am intent on doing this new year is making sure that I am drinking enough water. As everyone knows, water provides many health benefits. Several studies indicate that drinking plenty of water is instrumental in helping individuals control their weight. If I am dehydrated I may eat instead of drinking water, thus consuming more calories than I might if I were sufficiently hydrated.  Drinking water before meals helps me eat less during meals. Drinking eight glasses of ice cold water is said to burn an additional 100 calories per day.    

Glass_of_water : face of a young healthy woman and a glass of clean water 
      The problem with drinking eight glasses of water per day for me is remembering to drink eight glasses of water per day. Until I am able to develop drinking water as a habit, I have to be sure to make an effort to remind myself every day to drink enough water. 
      However, I have a plan. With a plan, I can turn intentions like drinking eight glasses of water a day into a habit. So, how do I implement this plan?
      I am using a system which is contained in the acronym SOFF. SOFF stands for:





       First thing I do is  START my plan the night before to prepare for drinking water eight glasses the following day. I ORGANIZE to create easy access to the required eight glasses of water the following day. If I'm staying home, I sufficient water into a pitcher in the refrigerator to drink the following day' iIf I intend to go out of the house the following day, however, I prepare bottles of water to take with me, and on hot days,  I have a cooler ready to put the bottles of water into in the morning to take with me. 
      Also as part of ORGANIZING I set the alarm on my smart phone to remind me to drink water every hour during working hours the following day. If after I few days I realize that I forget to drink the water, I also include placing notes around the house and car to remind me to drink the water. 
      For about three weeks I FOCUS on keeping myself supplied in water, and reminding myself to drink the water every hour for eight hours every day. 
       The final step each day in this water-drinking campaign is that I make sure I FINISH the water during my final meal of the day and before seven pm. The reason I finish the water before seven pm is because I also value my sleep. If I drink water any later than 7 pm, I will probably be getting up several times during the night. 
      Drinking water is just one way that I use ROFF for an overview of how to use ROFF to schedule your day, go to my article Daily Planning: Increase Productivity.
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