Sunday, June 26, 2011

A Review: One Second After by William R. Forstchen

A few weeks ago a friend of mine recommended this book, and then a couple weeks ago I found this book on my friend's coffee table while I was babysitting her children. I started reading it, I was unable to continue reading the book because it belonged to my friend's husband and he wasn't finished with it yet. The book so intrigued me that I bought my own copy and started reading it.

This is a novel about a former military man who finds himself in charge of a small city in Western North Carolina after a nuclear bomb detonates over the United States. This nuclear bomb doesn't cause any physical damage or fallout but instead, creates a EMP (Electro-magnetic pulse)that shorts out all electronic equipment rendering the grid, most automobiles, and anything else electronic worthless.

The book follows this character and his town from a few days prior to the EMP to a year beyond the event. It demonstrates how unprepared we as a society for this type of event. It shows the disintegration of the society as it goes from affluence to mere survival.

Months before this publication, this book was cited on the floor of the United States' Congress as a must read book for every American. I contend that it is not only a must read book, but we need to go further than that. We need to realize the the possibility of a EMP and then create steps to follow if an EMP does occur. As demonstrated in the book, preparedness needs to be made by every family unit and every local community if we are to survive this type of event. It always helps to be prepared for the worst. Begin by reading this novel: One Second After.

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