Sunday, June 3, 2012

No Gimmicks Weight Loss

     Today I weighed in and found that I have lost a total of twenty pounds since I began my most recent weight loss experience. Today I also saw where a friend of mine had a video on Facebook about a weight loss product she is trying to sell. No offense intended for my friend, but I won't be buying her product. I would much rather continue doing what I am doing.
      First of all, I'm cheap. I don't like spending money on gimmicks. I don't buy weight loss products because I don't want to spend my hard earned money on things that I have to buy over and over again. The minute I stop buying the product, the weight comes back on. I'd rather spend my money on foods I know I should be eating anyway,  healthy foods that God created, healthy foods that once I get used to eating them, are filling and satisfying.
         I do not believe the idea that healthy foods are more expensive than unhealthy foods either. Contrary to what the media tells us, I find healthy foods more filling and keep me satisfied longer than unhealthy foods. I don't spend any more money now, buying healthy foods than I did buying junk food. Actually, I am spending less. (More on this subject on a later post) Because I'm cheap, I spend what money I spend on real foods, not gimmicks.
       Second, no matter what the hype, I don't believe that weight gimmicks really work. Most of the time I think we psych ourselves into thinking that they do work when they really don't. I have discovered a few things through my own weight loss experience are true.
      1) I learned that drinking water is important. Water provides me hydration. Water doesn't contain calories or caffeine. It is my body's most important nutrient. For a healthy human being like me, drinking eight glasses of water every day is insurance that I am getting enough water. I make sure that I stop drinking it when I eat my evening meal. I don't want the water interfering with my sleep.
     2) I know how many calories my body needs to maintain my ideal weight. If I eat that number of calories every day and no more, my weight will be at my ideal weight. If I create healthy habits that sustain that weight, I can begin today to live as though I have already reached that goal weight. I practice today what it takes to maintain my ideal weight and I will eventually reach that ideal weight. No guilt, no stress is ever needed. I know I am doing today what I need to reach that ideal weight.
     3) I need to take in at least 25 grams of fiber every day. This fact is important not only because fiber helps me feel full, but it also is necessary to help keep my digestive tract cleaned out. I know that I need both kinds of fiber in my diet as well. I need soluble and unsoluble fiber. If my digestive tract is not kept cleaned out by eating plenty of fiber, I will put on unhealthy weight because I am storing toxins in my colon.
     4) I need to be sure that I am eating enough protein every day to insure that I am getting enough protein to maintain muscles. If I don't eat enough protein, my body cannot maintain it and I will lose muscle mass. My body will start feeding on itself. Muscle will be converted into energy and my BMI will increase. (higher fat percentage). To find out how many grams of protein I should be eating every day, I divide my weight in pounds by two. The number I come up with is the number of grams of protein I need to eat every day in order to maintain my body's muscle mass.
    5) I use the LoseIt app on my phone and on my lap top as well. By using the LoseIt app I am able to keep track of my caloric intake, my fiber gram intake, and my protein gram intake. The best part about the app is that it is free. And as you know, I am cheap so I am into free.

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