Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Ready To Do Some Spring Cleaning!

Last week the temperatures hovering around zero and there was snow on the ground. This week so far we've had days in the upper sixties during the day. The skies are clear. The March winds seem to be upon us a couple of weeks ahead of schedule. This change in the weather is giving me a desire to begin my spring cleaning.

So far this week I have been trying to get caught up with the housework that I didn't get done last week when it was so cold. After today I'll be able to begin and I think I'll begin by washing curtains and the windows. I've been sitting here at the window looking out at the nearby field and have noticed just how dirty the windows have gotten. The ash from the wood stove is all over everything in the house so I can't get too carried away with the cleaning just yet but windows and curtains I think would be a good place to begin and brighten up the house after this long winter.

To wash my clothes I've been using homemade laundry detergent which is a lot less expensive and seems to wash my clothes better than the detergent I used to buy at the store. It's easy to make. If you'd like to try, check out my article about it. Click here

Washing windows can be done using natural ingredients too! A simple spray on cleaner can be made by making a solution of 1 part white vinegar to 10-5 parts water. Put the vinegar water solution into a recycled spray bottle and you've got a green window cleaner. Old timers used newspapers to dry the windows instead of paper towels. I've tried it and if you don't mind a little newsprint on your hands, this is another green tip you can use. To find out about more uses for vinegar for cleaning check out my article: Green Your Clean with Vinegar!

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